Emmanuel Olorunrinu

Founder | Real Estate Associate

Emmanuel Olorunrinu is a distinguished Real Estate Professional and investor, renowned for his proficiency and commitment in the property investment industry. As CEO of Go 2 Guy Real Estate and a native of Lagos, Nigeria, Emmanuel embarked on his business journey at a young age, driven by a fervent interest in the business world. He pursued higher education in Nigeria before relocating to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he diligently established a successful career in real estate.

He excels in assisting clients with buying, selling, and investing in properties, distinguished by his meticulous attention to detail and foresight in market trends. Outside of work, he enjoys basketball and golf, activities that complement his professional life by providing relaxation and physical well-being. A devout Christian, Emmanuel actively participates in his local church community and cherishes contributing to various community initiatives.

Family remains central to Emmanuel’s life; he is a devoted husband and father of two, deeply appreciative of his family’s support. Emmanuel’s life and career are testaments to his integrity, talent, and unwavering faith, making him a pillar of both his professional and local communities.


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At Go2Guy Real Estate we cater to clients looking for quality residential property acquisition and investment portfolios. Since inception we have built a track record of excellence by giving clients quality assistance in buying, selling, and managing residential properties.


Our deep industry knowledge and expertise allows us to offer hands-on assistance which turns an intricate process into a comfortable and rewarding experience.


This goes beyond adhering to all rules laid out by the Real Estate Council of Alberta. To us, professionalism is about respecting our clients, their property, and members of the industry.  


It is our fiduciary duty to ensure you receive the best service possible, our greatest value is the trust of our clients.  Placing your confidence in someone can be tough, we aim to make it easy.


We understand the meaning and value of your time, that’s why we keep a flexible schedule in order to set up meetings, tours, and calls when it works best for you.